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Today, there is no denying that technology plays a big role in our society. We live in a digitally connected era. Government, Academe, Financial Sectors you name it. Internet is truly a marvel that each one of us benefits from but also, a place where threat actors and us, co-exist.

Each organization’s assets and resources is unique but certainly valuable and often considered priceless, but there is a common ground; each can be a target and the reason why organizations should not ignore security. Knowing the security posture and vulnerabilities must be a goal of every organization. Performing security testing and securing resources before the actual attack is the way to go; it is not a matter of IFs but a question of WHEN an actual attack will occur. Maybe, you already got hit but you didn’t know how and when.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Often times penetration testing and vulnerability assessment gets mixed up. To give a clearer view a vulnerability assessment is mainly to enumerate all common security exposures without attempting to exploit it and prioritize the risk, a typical vulnerability assessment relies heavily on automated scanning tools such as Acunetix, Netsparker, Web Inspect or combination of industry recommended tools.

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Penetration Testing

  • High security maturity can be verified by HackFleet by employing mixed type of attack scenarios with industry-recommended tools to test the effectiveness of your security. The sole objective of this test is to gain access to critical resources.

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  • HackFleet offer trainings for organizations and individuals who wants to learn industry grade techniques and process in terms of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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