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Ethical Hacking and Vulnerability Assessment

  • We offer trainings about vulnerability scanning, external and internal network pentest, exploitation and remediation of vulnerabilities. You'll learn how to perform detailed reconnaissance, studying a target's infrastructure by mining blogs, search engines, social networking sites, and other Internet and intranet infrastructures.

Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Web applications play a vital role in every modern organization. But, if your organization does not properly test and secure its web apps, adversaries can compromise these applications, damage business functionality, and steal data. That is why here in HackFleet, we're offering trainings on how to exploit and remediate this vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.

Why HackFleet?

We are helping hundreds of companies secure their most valuable data. Our solutions are customized to meet your needs and requirements. When you’re ready to secure your organization, choose us as your partner.

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